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The aim of this web page is to provide data sets and elementary codes to researchers working on discrete geometry. The idea is to make it easy for the community to try our own algorithms on the same image examples as other researchers, as well as to try the algorithms of other researchers. Several sections are presented in this web page: Obviously, feel free to send an e-mail to authors of these web pages (see below) if you have comments.

Note : all the materials present in these web pages are copyright free.

Data sets


Link to demos
Feel free to contact us if you have a new demo to submit.


Please fill free to submit your own code. In order to make a better use of your programs, a good way is to organize it in a K.I.S.S. way (Keep It Simple and Stupid). The idea is to propose simple codes, easy to compile and to easy to reuse.

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A long term purpose of the TC18 web page was to encourage collaborations between researchers in the Discrete Geometry field. We are pleased to announce a new structure on the TC18 webpages: the TC18 challenges. The idea is to provide benchmarks and references to obtain comparative evaluations of classical problems in Discrete Geometry.

To create a new challenge, contact the TC18 chairs.

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Submission process

By now, no automatic submission process have been set up. If you want to submit something, send a mail to webmasters (see below) that contains an URL to your materials. Please do not send directly your data by e-mail.

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